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Ideal for small to medium sized bodies of water with waves up to 2 feet.

Accommodates boats up to 30 feet and ideal for residential use. Features heavy duty foam filled floats, easy and fast to install, and comes with DeckWave® decking. The exclusive Locking Hinge design allows for two dock sections to act as one, making for endless design options. The floating dock is for use in deep water situations where a pipe dock can’t go or as an extension to your pipe dock. With DockinaBox® floating docks, they have made the docks so stable that corner dips are virtually eliminated when you are standing at the corner of your dock.

Exclusive Features

  • 30 lbs / ft buoyancy

  • Triple chambered rails for increased strength and rigidity

  • 2" traction strip on sides for added safety

  • 15" to 17" freeboard height

  • Hidden chain tie downs

  • Manageable weight for installation and removal

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