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Meterological Towers


Guyed wind monitoring tower installations, with calibrated certified monitoring equipment.  Maintenance program available upon request.

Battery Storage 

Contained Solutions

We offer energy storage with integrated container solutions with wind and solar powering capabilities.  The solutions can also include remote automatic generator starting systems as required. 


Optional Equipment

Gagnon Renewable also offers DC to AC system to provide clean 120/240 AC power.

Foundation & Tower Installation

Mono Pole, Guyed & Self Supporting

Static concrete foundations for small wind and pole mount solar tracking applications.  Gagnon Renewable also offers  rock bolted foundations for wind and solar applications as required.

ICF Structures 

Certified AMVIC Installer

We offer complete ICF installation for basements or complete buildings. Unique product that can be coupled with a custom home or cottage. ICF is a more efficient alternative to conventional methods.


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